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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Fight!

Last week Andy headed over to his parents house to pick Kira up for the evening while I went to a photo shoot. He text me and said they were going to stay for dinner and to stop by when I got done. I headed over there and we hung out for a little bit with Kira's cousin's Kade and Kaisley, Grandma and Grandpa and Angela. Kira and Kade were playing with water guns in the pool when Andy joined in and started a full on water fight. Kira was not too happy about getting wet and kept switching teams based on who was getting soaked. After I ate dinner I started helping Kade out and then Kaisley started helping me out. It was a super fun night. By the end I don't think anyone, including grandma and grandpa, were bone dry. Everyone lot a little water on them. 

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