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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jaden and Jessica's Wedding

My nephew got married this weekend! It was a great outdoor wedding. Jaden and Jessica looked great! 

Boating and Pool Fun

This weekend was pretty fun! We went boating for a few hours on Friday and then took the kids to the pool. Shayna even got up on the wakeboard! It was a lot of fun. Kira and Collin have a lot of fun playing together. 

Kira's Room

After a long time we are finally done (with the exception of one minor detail) with Kira's room! Yay. Maria (Andy's Sister) and i painted her room last fall/summer while he was on a service trip. Maria did the dresser, Andy's mom did the comforter (which was the theme for the entire room). I need some help though! I have 4 blocks painted and on her shelf but I need some girly words to put on them... any ideas?