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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A book by Kira

This week on Wednesday when we had Kira she was adorable. Andy's Parents stopped by right after we got home just to say hi since it'd been a little bit since we saw them. Kira went in her room and played for a while and we all talked in the Kitchen. Kira came out and needed a stapler. Andy helped her out and then she read a book she wrote to all of us. I about got teary eyed. It was perfect, thoughtful and totally amazing. She's 6 and has so much love for her family and the world. 

Left Side is her Mom's Family - Roger, Misha, Kira, Robinton
Right Side is her Dad's Family - Kira, Stacey, Andy

She says love is important and she shows a pattern of broken hearts. 

Kindness makes it everything. 

Kira and Stacey 

Roger, Robinton, Kira, Misha, Papa, Tia and Gummy

 (It's upside down, sorry)
Kira, Stacey and Andy

Kira and Papa (who passed away last year)

Kira and Grandpa Clark (who passed away two weeks ago)

Love is everywhere you go

The End

 A pretty amazing book by a 6 year old, right? 
The next morning Andy went to work at 6 and so Kira and I took a morning selfie and sent to him before we headed to School/Work. 
Love that girl. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Boys and their Toys {ie Guns}

These two and their guns, I tell ya. They have nearly identical or at least comparable guns. Though they've each upgraded them with different accessories. When one buys a gun the other one has to get a comparable one within a few months. lol HA I'm just kinda joking. 

Anyways, Klay's work owns some land out by Benson that they go target shooting at a lot. I headed with them last week for a little hike. We were hunting Rock Chucks for them since those creatures have been digging up the fields. We didn't find any Rock Chucks but we did find some bunnies. I actually LOVE shooting guns with these guys. I hit a target 900 yards away and on the 3rd shot. It's kinda fun when the naked eye can't even see what you are shooting at but you can hear the chim of the metal target when it's hit. Shh... don't tell them I enjoy it. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Max is Houdini!

I can't even count the number of times we've been at work or running errands and I get a text from our good friends Klay and Julie saying Max is at their house. SERIOUSLY! He sneaks out of our backyard into the neighbors and makes his way about 2-3 blocks to their house. But there's more... he sneaks under their fence and is waiting IN THEIR HOUSE with their dog Lily. O.M.G. We've plugged holes and holes and covered them with cement boarder to no end. This little guy is determined to get out. So his new nickname is Houdini. 

BBQ and Girl Scout Cookies

We had a random BBQ last week even during our messy bathroom makeover. I didn't grab a picture when Megan and Brandon were there but the 6 of us had a blast. It was low key and the kids played great together. 

Kira also sold Girl Scout Cookies this year. We had around $540 worth to deliver between family and work. Last Saturday she went to Lee's to sell cookies there with her troop. Andy went and helped out as well. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Update on Max and Random

This little fella is expensive. He had us scared there for a couple of days. Was just not himself and was mopey, laying around and not excited to play or eat treats which is just not like him. So off to the vet we go. Andy had the day off since he was working on his grandpa's funeral so he brought max out and then I met them there. Blood work came back and his electrolytes were low as well as potassium and sodium. The vet put him on a double dose of his regular meds for 1 week and wants to check up if things don't get better.  

Lucky, over the last week he is better and more himself. Thanks you $100 vet visit :)

Plus a random photo of the girls at BINGO. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

St Patty's Day

Kira was super excited to catch a leprechaun this year. She set up a trap at her mom's house and wanted to set one at our house the night before St Patrick's Day. Andy asked what she wanted to use and she thought for a minute and then decided Max's kennal would make a great trap. Andy helped her set it up with a rope tied to the some gold coin treats inside that would pull the door shut if someone tried to take the gold coins and leave. 

When she woke up she found Max had been trapped in side and all the gold coins were gone! Bummer, that sneaky leprechaun got away. 

We were pretty excited to all wear green that day though. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Andy's Grandpa's Passed Away..

Andy's Grandpa has been battling Cancer for nearly 2 years. Last Friday Andy received a phone call from his dad that Grandpa was not doing well. We both left work immediately to head to his grandpa's house. It was about 9:30. He was in bed, mumbling, not wanting to get up, just wanted to sleep. We sat in the kitchen with Maria, his mom, grandma and his dad when we heard a thud. Grandpa had attempted to get up to the best of our knowledge and fell flat on the ground. He laid there for a minute, Andy asked if he could help or get Grandpa anything. Max replied, some whiskey. That's true Max fashion. Later around 1 i headed back to work while Andy stayed with his family. When I got off work Grandpa was finally up and wondering what everyone was doing there. He also thought it was morning. Apparently he had a couple of bouts of yelling fits in and out of his sleep. He was up for a little bit when we left. Saturday he was doing  much better. Sunday was back down, monday was down, and tuesday was down. Wednesday morning we both received phone calls and voicemails that he had passed away. 

Max was such a great man. I only knew him for the past 6 years but he was an amazing grandpa, man, and example. 

His funeral pictures and Andy's speech will follow this post. 

Here are some of the memories Andy shares with his Grandpa. 

Kira Dance Competition

Andy and I got to take Kira to our First Dance Competition. Typically Misha takes Kira because she teaches at LaShars and they have been performances in SLC or locally, etc. We were pretty excited to go watch per compete.

She did awesome. She had been sick for the entire week before the competition, including missing 4 days of school. She knows most of her dances but says she has stage fright and can't smile. lol - we tried talking her out of that one but to no success.

The competition started out with Drill Down. We practiced in the hall for a little bit and she knew everything. She ended up getting out pretty quick but it was still fun to watch!