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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well here's an update...

Wow. It's been a few months! Here's what I've been up to: I turned 28 this weekend, I went to Mexico on a cruise and New Orleans, had fun for Halloween, my sister got sealed in the Temple, and my best friend got Married! Highlights: Burbon Street, Beignets, and the beach!! I'm headed to Hawaii next week, the day after thanksgiving! So excited to get a break from life and stress! :) I got some beautiful flowers from BrieAnna at work and balloons! Other birthday highlights:jewelry, gift card and chardonnay from my boss, Black Pearl gift card, chilies gift card, lotion/lip gloss, clothes, crafts, and then more beautiful flowers! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love my job...

I really do enjoy going to work. I love the people I work with and enjoy what I do. I figured since I spend MOST of my time at work these days, why not tell a little more about what I do.
I am the Operations Manager at Hycomp. That means I oversee 5 departments. They are: Purchasing, Traffic (Inventory and shipping/receiving), Safety, Facilities, and Human Resources.
They each have their challenges but I have great people working for me and enjoy the atmosphere. We are literally swamped right now. I have 9 job openings at the moment! WOW! Keeps me busy, on top of my already busy! But I love it. I'm very good at busy. So here are some fun pictures from work...
Freda and I getting ready to ship a project
Holly and I working hard on paperwork
My office. I decorate it different every month.
Three girls at work got me flowers!

Things I love

Here are a few things I love...
My Parents back yard. It's very relaxing to get off work and head to the back yard and enjoy the pond.
My adorable nephews. :)

Old Ephraims Grave

I'm a Cache Valley Native... and I've never been to Old Ephraims grave. Well now I have. Some friends and I went jeeping up logan canyon a week or so ago. We took dinner and stopped and ate alog the way. It was neat to finally see something I've heard so much about.


I love boating and tubing. This picture says it all! Yes that's me. I stayed on for two bumps that took me higher than that and then I was gone.... Oh boy. I don't get even I get AHEAD!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Overload...

Photos tell a thousand words so here's what I've been up to this summer....
(and of course these are backwards...)
Work BBQ
Relay for Life

Costa Rica

The above picture shows my jelly fish sting... picture doesn't even do it justice.


Playing with Friends

Ragnar Relay Run - 14 miles

Hosted a 5k Fundraiser Run


And of course more, but thats all the time I have! Someday i'll update more specifics... if i get time. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as me...
Oh and of course I'm still working... ALOT!