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Friday, September 25, 2015

Our Engagement Photos

Yes, it's nearly that time of year. The day is almost here when we say "I do". Our wedding is not going to be the typical Utah Wedding. We haven't done a lot of planning in some areas and in others we've gone above and beyond what we could. I had to share our "save the date card" one more time, I just love it. It fits us to a T.

Ok, now onto the GOOD stuff!

1. We hired Mike from Endless Photography to shoot our Engagements and Wedding. We loved working with him on our engagement photos and had a blast. We decided to do something a little bit different than most engagement sessions. Our original idea of going to Moab with the jeep didn't quite work out because of schedules, but we made the most of Cache Valley's nature and beautiful scenery and took the jeep off roading.

2.  Andy and I headed up Providence Canyon the week before we were scheduled for photos so we could get some ideas of what areas there were that most people can't just drive to. We wanted something unique, hard to get too and some how to involve the jeep. We found quite a few fun spots but 3 in particular that we loved! We talked to Mike and set the shoot up for a Saturday evening. We were hoping it would only be a few hours but it ended up being about 3-1/2. At least it was a fun adventure and Mike was so willing to work with us and make our session exactly what we wanted!

3. The Waterfall. One of the specific spots Andy loved was the waterfall at the Quarry in Providence Canyon. I only had 1 photo request at this spot and Mike got it exactly right! It's hanging up in my living room on a 20"x 30" canvas. :) To get to the waterfall it was about a 5-10 minute walk, not bad. It was quite cool up next to the water, but boy it's beautiful.

All photos credit to Endless Photography 

4. Next on our list was a field with wild flowers. Once you get to the top of Providence Canyon and Millville Canyons there are many cool spots for wild flowers and fields. Andy and I had found the perfect one. It was really windy in the field the day of the engagements, so it made things interesting. Kira was being a little stinker, much like she is every time we do pictures, and she just laughs really good instead of smiling. We might have to bribe her or work on that for this weekends wedding!

5. The Jeep. We wanted a photo with the jeep and the valley or some neat mountain view in the background. We found two awesome spots with amazing views. One was easy to get to and looked beautiful. The other was harder to get to but an even better view! So we opted for the harder to get to one, of course. Mike was literally on the edge of the mountain cliff taking photos of us to get these shots. Pretty amazing right?

6. The Cliff. Like I said, Mike was on the edge of the cliff for some of the jeep photos. Andy and I then went and sat on the edge and dangled our feet off. The photo doesn't show how high we are but a ways below us is left hand fork. It was a beautiful view. The cliff we are sitting on is much like the cliff in the background of the photo.

7. The Ring. We can't forget my awesome engagement/wedding ring. I'm not sure what to call it because I'm not getting a band. Anyways, Andy spent a lot of time designing this ring himself and I am in LOVE with it!

8.  Our Wedding Announcements were designed by Kara's Koncepts. She did an amazing job using the photos Mike took and our ideas to create an EPIC announcement! We choose a 4x9 folding announcement. Here's what the outside looks like.

9. Here's the inside

10. Printed Envelopes! One of the smartest things we did was have Kara print our envelopes for us! I loved them and it made it super easy and quick to get them out as soon as we received them. Kara had them printed the same day she received them and we had them the next day. It was perfect and helped me a ton! Plus they look super fancy and official, bonus!

I can't wait to marry this man this week! We've already moved our Business name over to Stacey Hansen Photography if you haven't noticed already! We'll be out on a honeymoon but we'll be back in full swing near the end of September!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kira's 6th Birthday!

Oh goodness. I'm so BEHIND on blogging. I forgot to post Kira's Birthday party! It was a My Little Pony Theme that Misha put together. It was fun. We took the photo booth and Kira had a great turn out. Lots of friends and it was hard to choose who to play with. She got spoiled!  

Some Random Fun!

Wow. We've had a busy summer. I haven't been great at Blogging lately BUT here's a random post full of pictures! More to come!