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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

We had quite the busy Christmas day but it was a lot of fun and filled with family. Kira was so excited Christmas morning. She got a barbie house from Santa and a Cinderella dress and shoes. She was spoiled by everyone and got a lot of toys, clothes, shoes and a new coat.
Andy got a Zvox (speaker and sub system) for upstairs, new clothes, an external hard drive, movies, racheting straps and lots of stuff for the kitchen. I got an avalanch beacon, goggles, boots, clothes, movies, perfum (from Paris! and my fav from my mom), a skillet, and a stamp with my signature on it for Photography and work.
We had a great christmas!

 Andy's entire family on his Mom's side

 Kira giving dad doggy kisses
 Collin, Stacey and Kira
 The Larson's
 Kira pushing Collin around

This last picture is Christmas day last year - 2011. We had quite the crowd on Christmas at my mom's house. This year was much more quite, still fun but we missed Steph's family. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Kira's Dance Recital

Last week I went and watched Kira dance at her first Dance Recital. She was adorable. Andy was out of the country so I went to video for him.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hycomp Christmas Party 2012

Our work Christmas Party was tonight at Herm's Inn. It was a lot of fun... but I'm sure glad it's over :) Here are a few fun pictures. The only disappointment I had was we didn't get a group photo... ah well maybe one day at work :) This was the first year in 4 years that I actually had an official date - my dad. I asked him to come about a week ago and he didn't seem to sure, I got a call from him today at about 4:30 and he decided to come. Hopefully he had a good time with me running around checking on things and doing games/prizes. I actually got to sit and relax for a bit, well off and on. We all got Hycomp Jackets and a bonus check. I'm very thankful for my job, my boss, the atmosphere there and the genuine people I work with. I've been working at Hycomp for  almost 9 years and I've been to 9 Christmas Parties. I had some fun facts I was going to share with everyone and spaced it so here they are:

We have 39 employees
78% of employees are Married
70% of employees have kids
31% of employees have worked at Hycomp for 4 or more years
We've shipped to 19 countries THIS YEAR. Those countries include:  Algeria, Australia, Canada China, Costa Rica, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emrites, and the USA. 
We've had 29 service trips this year, which include 6 countries: Algeria, Costa Rica, Korea, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and the USA. Of those 29 service trips Andy went on 19, Todd on 6 and Kyle on 4. 

 Ama and her AWESOME Christmas Sweater
 Stacey and BrieAnna on Santa's Lap
 Good Friends - Stacey, Cody, Megan and Chris
 Larry and Robert

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mickey Mouse-capades

Sunday night we headed over to my parents house to do the gift exchange with my sister and her family since they are moving before Christmas. I always enjoy watching the kids open their gifts - Steven's reaction to the gift Andy, Kira and I gave him did not disappoint! ha I love it. He and Collin enjoyed it so much and Collin kept wanting to play that I ended up giving Collin his gift that night as well - it was the same gift :). They are OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse and Cows - so what better than a Mickey Mouse Tractor with a cow and pig? Oh Boy they loved it. They also got pajama's from Grandma, Steven got a pillow from Shayna, Brady and Collin and a Blanket from Grandma and Grandpa. Jaycie got headphones, shoes, earrings and more. Dylan got Lego's gallore and a hat and boots. Taylie got clothes and some toys. The adults all got gifts but they just aren't as fun! :) So here's pictures from our Mickey Mouse-capades

Riggs Family Christmas Santa Party

Last sunday my family got together for our annual Riggs Family Christmas Santa Party. Dinner, Santa, Gifts and just enjoying each others company. We only get to see the entire family (or most of it) once or twice a year so it's always nice to get together. We are accruing quite the batch of kids now - it's fun to see them sit on Santa's lap and see what they want for Christmas. It's also fun to see what the adults want and what kind of haggling they do with Santa. This year for instance, Paul was a riot. I always enjoy this a party. This year was especially sentimental as my sister and her family were less than a week away from moving. Every time I get to see and talk to them it's very dear to my heart. Oh how I'm going to miss those kids (and my sister and Ray :) ). So here my picture overload!