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Monday, July 26, 2010

Private or Public?

I hate this post. I have many friends who have private blogs. I know the pros about being private. I'm seriously considering it but can't get myself to do it. I could post so many more pictures of my neices and nephews if my blog was private. I wouldn't have to worry about my sister worrying! ha ha. Plus I know there's some weirdo's out there and I can definatly control who looks at my blog by being private. but really? Private just sucks.

So what do you think? Go Private or just deal with being public?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work @ Hycomp

Work has been CRAZY busy lately. I worked 12.5 hours yesterday, 9.5 today. Would have stayed even later but we had a Company BBQ we had to get it. It's good to be busy! I know we'll be busy for quite a while. Last week I didn't leave work before 6 every night and this week has been the same. Over time! Well the hours suck when I have plans but since I'm such the busy body lately (that was sarcastic) I actually don't mind being at work. I guess I've been told I'm a work-a-holic before and it's kinda true. I love my job. Busy or not!

Relay for Life - 2010

Our "FISH FIGHT" team for William Riggs did an amazing job at the relay for life! We raised about $3300, I'm still waiting on the last donations to be posted. The relay went awesome! We had everyone show up to walk plus some! It was a long 24 hours, being the only one that stayed over night but it was worth it. Nicole Riggs won the prize for walking the longest distance. I lost count but i think she did about 40 laps! That's 10 miles. Jaycie, who's 9, did 7 miles! AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who helped out by donating, sponsoring and walking! We'll hope to see you all next year!

4th of July

I watched the fireworks with my mom, sister, niece, nephews and Alexis and her family. Jaycie and I had a blast!

Father's Day

We spent father's day with my whole family at my Aunt's house, celebrating the father's we have and remembering my grandpa on this first father's day with out him. I love my dad so much. He's such a goofy and fun father and is always playing Mr. Fix it. I hope someday when I have kids they have a father that's just like him. I hope all those that are father's out there had a great day as well. Even if this is late.

Bear Lake

The girls and kids took a day off work and headed to Bear Lake a few weeks ago. It wasn't very warm and it was kinda cloudy so we didn't stay long. We wore sweatshirts most of the time. We came home and took my niece and nephews to Toy Story 3. We all loved it.


I spent 4 days in June in Scottsdale, Arizona with my friend Allisen from middle/high school. I landed at 10 pm and it was 105 deg. It was a hot but very fun weekend! We tubed this huge river, it took about 4-5 hours. It was very relaxing. We bar hopped a little and got a feel for the town. I was able to lay out, however 5 minutes in that 110 deg sun and I had to dip in the cool pool. I loved Scottsdale. Can't wait to go back.