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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update on Life!

Well this is a quick update on what's going on in Stacey's Adventures!

Life has been super busy. My photography is getting busier and taking up more and more time. I offically have business cards now! Totally stoked. I had been gettng ready to order prints and do a few shows this spring when my hard drive decided to fail on me. I originally thought I had lost EVERYTHING, not to mention about 4 hours prior to the hard drive failing I had deleted everything off my two memories cards. MAJOR BUMMER... but I later found I had a copy on an old hard drive from everything prior to Oct - So slightly better.

Dance is going well - our first competition is next week.

Snowmobiling is awesome. I'm slowly learning and hopefully being more daring. I've rolled my sled a few times so I guess that says something.

My sister is in town from Texas so it's fun to get to see her.

Other than that work is pretty busy at the moment. Keeping up on life and updating the house is always fun.