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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Grandma Arlene Clark Funeral

Andy's Grandma Clark passed away on Oct 6, 2017. The funeral was held on Oct 13, 2017. Andy's talk at the funeral was perfect.

Andy's Talk - ADD HERE :)

Robert and Erinn James sent beautiful flowers. My mom attended the funeral services. It was a great day to celebrate her life.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kira's 8th Birthday!

Kira is 8! For real, where did the time go? Misha planned her birthday party this year and it was so much fun! It was Moana themed with a water balloon fight, pinata, pin the tail on the...only a different version and more. Food, drinks, cake, ice cream and of course a plethora of presents! Kira is always spoiled at her parties. We are so happy we can combine two sides of her families for her birthday party.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Park City Fun

Our annual Hawkes trip this year was to Park City. We stayed in the Silverado in a great room! It had 3 separate rooms with two couches and a loft. It was perfect for our group. We mostly stayed at the hotel to swim, but a group of us did go to Park City Resort to ride the Coaster and Alpine Slide! That was fun. Kira loved the slide best. It was a great relaxing weekend away. Plus, we did some back to school shopping while we were there. And boy, kira wants everything in the store! 

I was impressed with how much Kira had improved on swimming. her and Collin could dive and get the toys from the deep end. They were both doing great. Oakley wanted to be on her own in the pool and was fearless to fall in. Taylie and Lexie loved floating. Steven was doing so well too! Jaycie and Dylan played toss/catch. Overall I think we all had fun. 

Hawkes Boating Day

Every Year the Hawkes family usually does a trip to Bear Lake. This year we opted to go to Park City instead (photos to Come). But since we missed out on a fun time at the lake we decided to plan a Hawkes Boating day at Hyrum Dam.... and it was epic! We were there nearly 9-1/2 hours! SO much fun. Boating is one of my all time favorite things and I am so happy we can enjoy this as a family! 

Collin, Kira and Steven all tried to ski for the first time! Wahoo! Then Andy used the snoopi skis and ski'd with them. Andy, Shayna and I wakeboarded! Jaycie and I went on the tube! Oh and I rode with Collin and Steven. Steph rode the tube with Taylie and Lexie too. Shayna and Oakley rode the tube for a minute. 

While we were at Hyrum we also BBQ'd. It was the perfect day. SO much fun and awesome memories! Steven asked me to plan another day like this so he could go boating again :) 

It's a pool Party

A couple of weeks ago we were super excited to go boating... but then it got windy and we decided not to take the boat out. Instead, Shayna brought their pool over and we had a pool party! Kira stayed in the hot tub the entire time while Collin and Oakley had fun in the pool and hot tub. It was a relaxing afternoon! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fathers Day 2017

Father’s Day was an amazing day this year! Well, it usually is every year. So I guess this year was just extra special. We got together at my parents’ house for Hamburgers & Brats. We also got to hang out with both my grandmas and my oldest sister and most of her kids. I loved getting to catch up with these guys! We don’t live that far away but it seems like we never see each other enough!

We gave my dad tickets to Jeff Foxworthy & Larry The Cable Guy. I’m super excited to go with (hopefully he takes me J ). We talked, took pictures and played some games. It was all around a fantastic afternoon!

Kira and I gave Andy a new watch and a shot timer! Two things he’s wanted and picked out. Luckily I made him pick out more than a few things so he didn’t know what he was getting J
The kids all played together in grandpa’s pond and it looked like they were having blast. All the young kids got together so well!

After my parents we headed to Andy’s Parents for Steak Dinner. Yummy food all day long! We relaxed outside for a bit. To end the night, Andy wanted to hang out with just his girls. He, Kira and I rented Beauty and the Beast and went home to watch that with some popcorn!
Andy is truly such a great dad. He is so supportive of Kira and everything she is into. Andy tries to be there for her as much as he can and is so dedicated to being the best dad he can. He amazes me with how much love he holds for her. She adores him. I love how great of a man he is because of his experience being a dad. Happy Father’s Day Babe.

Logan Utah Family Photographer Fathers Day

Logan Utah Family Photographer Fathers Day

San Francisco!

San Francisco Work Trip California Tourist - Yes, That's exactly what I was last week. A Tourist. I had one night, literally only a few hours to spend in San Francisco so I made sure to make the most of it! It's safe to say that I saw a lot of stuff! I loved the city and will definitely hope to make it back there again some day!

I went to an NQA ISO 9001:2015 Transition Conference for my job at Hycomp. We are working on moving to the new ISO Standard in the next year and this training provided some insight into how to prepare and successfully implement the new standard at Hycomp. I flew into San Jose and drove to Milpitas for the Conference. Once it was over I headed to San Francisco which was about 2 hours away (less without traffic).

Here's a quick list of what I did in San Fransisco. I only had a few hours of day light left so some of this was in the dark. I actually LOVED driving around the city. The super steel hills were awesome!

1. Pier 39- super cool and fun!
2. Viewed Alcatraz from afar
3. Drove down town, the hills and saw the stacked houses and city train cars/carts
4. Golden gate Bridge (even drove across)
5. Drove Lombard Street and saw the crazy steep and zig zagged road.
6. Saw the AT&T ball park
7. Drove by the National cemetery of SF
8. Survived driving in California

San Francisco Work Trip | California Tourist

San Francisco Work Trip California Tourist