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Monday, July 21, 2014

Aunt Betty Merrill Funeral

My 'Aunt Betty' passed away last week and her funeral was on Saturday July 19th 2014.
Aunt Betty was my Grandma Riggs sister. Some of my fondest memories of her are: 
  1. Playing in her store - Merrill's market in Trenton. Her and Ervin ran the store before we were born and it closed. When we were growing up that was the highlight of going to Betty's house. My sisters and cousins and I would get to use the old cash register and use her store as our own. It was so much fun and she actually still had a lot of store items in there until she turned it into a book case/room. 
  2. When she moved to Wellsville and I'd go visit she would always ask where my sisters and their babies were. She'd tell me to make sure I sent them over to see her. She always asked when I was going to have kids of my own. 
  3. Her laugh - oh she could brighten up a room
  4. She'd call people little bastards, it was super funny. 
Aunt Betty - you will be missed

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