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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another year older...

My birthday was fantastic! 29 and holding... right? #imreally32 #butwhoscounting

I had balloons and flowers on my desk first thing in the morning from the ladies at Hycomp. :) 

Yes, google even remembered by birthday. And thanks to Facebook I felt special all day long. lol Social Media and Technology these days! 

It was a busy day, that's for sure. I worked and then we had the photo booth at the AdornIt Fashion show all night so it wasn't really full of birthday stuff but it was still pretty fun. We went to dinner with Andy's Family the night before. Jack's Pizza, yummy. Kira and Andy gave me some make up and perfume that night, some of my favorites! I had bought some new clothes and shoes for my birthday so that was fun! Steph and Jaycie came to the show for a bit and walked around with me. Then Jaycie manned the booth while I went to dinner with Megan, Julie, Andy and Kira. Callaways one of my all time favs. Megan, Julie and I went shopping for a bit then helped Andy clean up. Andy gave me this beautiful plant to have in my office. I suck at taking pictures of my own life these days.. so i'm missing some stuff but oh well!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A spooky Performance

Kira's annual dance performance for Halloween at LaShars was fun! She was a sugar skull queen. She decided the day before she wanted make up and a mask (her mom had already gotten her mask). When I started her make up we were going to avoid the eyes so her mask would go over but she refused to wear her mask. So I quickly did her eyes, sorta finishing in the car. Yikes. Halloween make up on a 6 year old is not that easy, plus a moving vehicle. Oh well, it was fun and she did great! 
She loved that she was spooky.