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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family PIctures

We took family pictures with Andy's family about a month ago... and I still haven't edited their session. Crap. Well the downfall of being a photographer is that when it comes to your own pictures they get pushed last and then when I get around to doing them I need a break. So The final edited pictures may get done here soon but here's a sneak peek. 

Baby Animal Days

This is a little late but I'm slowing catching up on posts in between photography sessions, work and editing.

We have a pass to the American Heritage Center so we like to take Kira there whenever we can. We headed there for baby animal days, not once but twice. The first day was SUPER busy and we waited in line to see the bears forever so the next weekend we went back and got to relax and enjoy the day a little more. Kira loved it and of course had to ride the pony both days. She loved the train and the baby chicks.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

I Love what I do!

I am getting more into Newborn photography and can I just say I LOVE WHAT I DO! I get to snuggle and see little 5 day old babies. Doesn't matter the session whether they cry, are wide awake or asleep they are all wonderful and so much fun. I'm in awe all the beautiful features I get to admire on these precious little people. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014!

We had a great Easter! We were lucky enough to get to spend a few hours with Kira on Easter even though it wasn't our Holiday. We ate an early dinner at my parents house and waited for Kira to get there. Her and Collin had fun watching the ducks in the pond before we started the easter egg hunt. Then they had a BLAST finding eggs and toys throughout the yard. The Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky and even left her basket in the Jeep for her to find. She got a new swimsuit and a towel dress which are perfect for our summer boating adventures. Then we headed to Andy's Parents for another dinner where Kira got more Easter presents from Aunt Maria and Grandma Hansen. She was oh so spoiled this year. 

Easter Jeep Safari 2014 | Moab Utah

Easter Jeep Safari this year was a blast. Red Rock 4 Wheelers has their hands full in planning the event with so many jeeps and attentees. We headed down Monday after work and stayed until Saturday. We camped at the KOA and it was actually pretty nice. Andy and I are used to just 'roughing' it and staying where ever but with his parents joining us this year we headed to the KOA for water and electricity. We did 5 runs this year: Hell's Revenge, Fins & Things, Long Canyon, Gemini Bridges and Kane Creek. The runs we did were a great mix of easy and scenic to full of hills/obstacles. I got to drive three while Andy drove two. I had a lot of fun plus I put new tires on as soon as we got to Moab. We met our friends JT and Stef from Nemesis Industries  in Moab. I had bought a new set of Wheels and Tires from them so they met us and helped in stall them. Notice the picture of my old tires vs new = Just a little bigger. I also did their engagement pictures while we were in Moab. Check them out on my photography page in the next day or two. 

The vendor show was a success for both Andy and Brent. They spent nearly 6-7 hours walking around and looking at the vendor booths, needless to say we came home with some awesome new products (mostly for Andy's CJ7 Jeep which is nearly ready to run!) 

These pictures are in no particular order. 

The new wheels and tires. Hutchinson Rock Monster Wheels with Falken All Terrain 37" Tires 

JW Speaker Rig, Nemesis Industries Rig, my jeep and Andy's Parents Jeep