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Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We had Kira this weekend and since Andy has been out of town it had been 2 weeks since we'd seen her. It was nice to spend some Quality Time with her. We even took some Easter Pictures of her and Collin since I had my Easter Mini Set up ready in the studio. Oh boy was she excited. Usually she is a little stinker, Collin too. I saw a few forced and fake smiles but overall she was excited to do pictures and then wanted to do more when my two sessions came this weekend. She was a bit help while my Clients were there and tried to get the babies to smile and laugh. She really loves kids. 

We also went "CAMPING". Kira was ecstatic to go camping with Collin. She was thrilled and that's all she could talk about was camping. Kira and Collin had a blast playing in the dirt, going on walks with Chris, playing Indians, playing in the camp trailer and more. When we didn't stay over night she was disappointed. We'll be planning a camping trip with her this summer, that's for sure. 

We got to spend a few hours just the two of us on Sunday and decided to make treats. We made these fun Easter Basket treats and they sure turned out yummy. 

My Collin

 I love my time with Collin. He's seriously the cutest kid, ever. And I love that he loves spending time at my house and keeping me company when Andy is out of town. 

4 Wheeling Fun!

These pictures are from Collin's Birthday party so I'm a little late posting. These are so cute! Kira LOVES this 4 Wheeler and Collin is nice enough to share. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playing with the Dogs

With Maria living at our house we have 4 dogs. A few weeks ago Kira, Maria and I took the dogs for a walk over to Klay and Julie's house to play with Lilly. The dogs had a blast, Kira rode her bike, she even played fetch with the dogs. Overall, it was a fabulous time. Max even joined in playing with Lilly which is doesn't usually do! 

Being Productive!

Andy was away for almost 2 weeks for work in Hawaii and Korea, jealous much? Yeah I was at first until you hear that he doesn't get much if any time to do any sight seeing or time away from work. Blah. Korea would be awesome though  - I REALLY want to go back with him on the next round in a few months! Maybe my Tax Return can pay for that :) 

So. Anywho. While he's away I've actually got A LOT done. Proves being alone can make you work around the house. :) 

Finished painting the basement living room and kitchen. Then hung the shot glass shelf back up on the wall!

Re-Organized my Studio! I'm amazed at how much more space I have with moving my desk. Now, I need a couch... hum. 

Closet doors hung in the hallway downstairs, ok , it wasn't me. Thanks DAD!

Being in Relay for 5 years and on the committee for 3 has made me collect a Lot of relay stuff. Relay of Cache County has an official trailer now so I cleaned out the garage and took 4 boxes of stuff to Steph's house to store... the bad news? There's more in the downstairs closet that I need to get out once Maria (Andy's sister) moves out. I didn't want to inconvenience her because I'll have to empty the entire closet out to get to the boxes. Yikes! So While I was cleaning up Relay stuff I also organized the entire garage and swept even!

Then last night I got to hang out with this little stud. He's "MY COLLIN" and I sure do love having him over! 

Fun with the Kiddos!

A few weeks ago my sister and her kids drove up from Texas. We were excited to see them to say the least. The first thing Steven said to me when he saw me was, "Where's your kid, Kira?" Cutest thing ever. Sorry Steven, she's with her mom. :( "But I want to play with Kira". I know, you can tomorrow. I was so happy to get to spend some time with them while they were here, though it wasn't enough. I didn't take any days off while they were here and I wish I would have. One night the ENTIRE family went to the jump zone. The kids loved it and Shayna and I had a lot of fun being the only adults that actually jumped. Collin sure didn't want to leave, he cried like crazy. We'll have to take him and Kira back, they had a blast. 

That week I also got to hang out with Tay Tay. She is one cute little girl, and with a serious ATTITUDE :) I love her though. Wish I got to see her more often. I do love our FaceTime talks though!

Kira Spring Dance Recital

A few weekends ago we went to Lashar's to watch Kira at her Spring Dance Recital. We had Kade and Kaisley with us, surprisingly they were all very well behaved! Kira was a pretty cute dancer though as a dance teacher myself I have a hard time just relaxing and watching and not thinking about critiquing. That will take some time to get used to. She has a hard time paying attention to the teachers but I'm sure she'll get there. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Collin'osaurs Turns 3!

My best little buddy Collin had a roaring fun birthday bash a few weeks ago. Collin is really into Dinosaurs right now so Shayna did a Dinosaur party for him. It was super cute. He seriously didn't want is photo taken at this party, little stinker!