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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collin's 4th Birthday

So I'm late on Posting pictures of Collin's Birthday. I didn't do very well taking pictures at Taylie's birthday and I was hoping I'd do better at Collin's. Eh somewhat. Oh well! 

Why is it that kids love sticking their fork in their mouth when you want a cute picture of them! ha ha

The Photo Booth!

This is NEARLY done but we used it anyways at Collin's birthday party!

We are looking for a few more parties and events we can use it at for a trial so contact me if you have one coming up!

The Jump Zone!

Last night after we picked Kira up from Tumbling we met my sister and her kids at the Jump Zone. It was buy an hour get an hour free so we were there for nearly 2 hours. The kids had a blast and ran wild and relieved SOME energy. They uh, mostly got along. It was fun though. We then went to Jack's Wood Fired Oven for dinner... Yum! I LOVE their Lyon Bread. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Wonderful Weekend!

Last weekend was wonderful. In more or less words, wonderful fits. Friday night we met a bunch of friends at Al's to go shooting. We even took the kids. They had fun watching through the glass, wearing the ear and eye protection, playing on phones and going for a walk to the Natural Grocers that's right there. Brie and Kira are best buds. 

After we headed to our house for a fire and BBQ. First one of the season and it was a blast. Great turn out too. The kids had fun playing together and we all just socialized. 

Saturday was hectic and super busy for me. I had a newborn session then 6 Easter Mini sessions, then I judged a dance competition for 3 hours. Ah. Then we headed to a friends house for dinner and hanging out. Kira had fun with Lexi and the boys. She even filled her purse with popcorn. Silly girl. 

Sunday was just relaxing (which after Saturday I totally needed). The three of us went to breakfast at our favorite spot then to the park with Max. I didn't realize I didn't take any pictures of Andy at the park, oops. We had fun though. Kira loves the park, but she does much better when someone is playing with her. However, put her in the sandbox and she keeps herself fully entertained. She loved the sand. 

We headed to the new Cinderella movie which Kira loved though she'd already seen it prior. 

We had a late lunch / early dinner at my mom's house and got to hang out and play with all 3 of my sisters. Steph, Shayna and Jamee. I took Kira, Collin, and Steven on a Treasure Hunt throughout the yard and we had a blast. Collin especially loved looking for animals. The animals they found were: gorilla hulk, bull, bull hulk, monkey, dog, giraffe, and others. I loved how Steven and Collin added the "hulk" onto the animals. Kira liked finding the smaller creatures. We started to see Zombies when Taylie joined us. Who knew a 3 year old liked talking about Zombies. Steven and Kira decided we needed to build a trap so that's what they worked on. It was literally a blast to see their imagination. 

We played 500 with Steph, Ray, Andy, myself, Jaycie and Dylan. Jaycie and I tossed around the volleyball as well. Though, I found out I'm not very good at setting her up to spike. 

Overall - quite relaxing. I enjoy days like those. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


Last weekend was a fun one. I was the photographer at Brady's brothers wedding in Layton. Sunday I took the entire day off (No work, Photos or editing). Andy and I went to breakfast. Then Max and I hung out in the front yard for a bit. I did some shopping then got to hang out with Kira and Andy at the Hansen's. I love relaxing weekends! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kira the Princess

Oh boy, this little girl loves dress up. She got to play dress up and make up with the neighbor girls one Saturday and loved it. We then headed to our friends house for Pizza and to the the girls play. Ben and Heather's girls have Furby's and oh you better believe Kira wants one now. She keeps asking for a Furby and a Phone or iPad so she can feed it. It's pretty cute. We'll have to see what the Easter Bunny comes up with (and see if it will work with Android Phones). I guess I have a task to do.