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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The night before Easter, Kira and I made our Basket Treats that she's been asking to make for a month. How she remembers making these last year I have no idea. 

Easter Morning! She was a pretty excited little girl. She got me up at 7 am! She was oh SOO excited to get a Furby. Boy, what are we in for? 

Coloring Easter eggs! That morning since we got up so early we had plenty of time to color easter eggs. 

Like MONSTERS! It was super fun. 

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's!

Then Grandpa and Grandma Hawkes'

An update on Max

Max goes back in for blood tests this week! We are hoping the new increase in medication is going to do the trick. He's been doing great the past two weeks so we've seen major improvement. 

I caught Max sitting in one of his favorite spots - the back of the couch. 

And this is what it looks like when Max is hungry. I was trying to get a photo of him actually holding the bowl cause it's awesome but he'll bring his bowl to our room or the living room when he needs food. 


We have a pretty standard routine for bed time. This is what it typically looks like, though we take turns singing a song together with Kira. She LOVES picking out a song on you tube. They typically consist of: Frozen, Tarzan, Bell, and a few others. She's pretty cuddly at night and it melts your heart. 

We apparently need to move her into a twin bed, she's outgrowing her toddler bed for sure. 

Playing with Cousins!

Last weekend Kira's Cousins were in town! We got to play, have a sleep over and Hot Tub Party and just enjoy having them in town! They've moved to Spanish Fork and we sure miss having them all here. 

The kids all in my jeep, off to our house for a sleep over! 

Andy had to work for a bit so we hung out with him in the production area. Notice us being safe with our Safety Glasses.

More time playing at Grandma Hansen's house!