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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

T Ball!

Well I'm super behind on blogging. Last month Kira and Collin played TBall. Shayna coached and I was the assistant. I'll tell you, it was fun but it makes you miss the details and just enjoying the game. 

Since I was coaching I didn't get to take too many photos and since I've been SUPER busy lately I haven't edited any of these, oh well. Andy and My mom took some pictures and then the last game I was at I took some of all the kids. 

Kira did great at Tball. She was the only girl on the team. She's getting better at batting. We struggled a little in the outfield as the kids were super fast to run to the ball and Kira was just a little slower. BUT, she greatly improved from last year I think. She could pay attention the entire game unlike last year. I had fun, and we got to see her more for that month so that was fun. 

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