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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update Update!

Here's what we've been up to the last few weeks or months... 

Remember this yellow jeep? Well it's now this Burn Orange/Red jeep! Andy is diligently working on this project and having a blast. Since it's been painted and the body work is completed he's working on new axles  drive line, fuel cell and more. 

 Having fun playing with Collin and Max. 

Kira LOVES mowing the lawn with Dad. 

And she loves playing on the snowmobiles, picking flowers and smelling them. She LOVES dandy lions and will run for the grass to pick them, which we let her do. On the rare occasion that she gets to pick a real flower she is delighted! She got flowers for her singing recital from her Dad and loved to smell and kiss them. pictures of that to come!

Moab Fun!

Andy and I went to Moab for a quick weekend gettaway last week and had a blast! First time taking the jeep out on an actual jeeping trail outside of cache valley and she did great! We did the Poison Spider Trail through Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim. Rated difficult. Had an issue getting the sway bar to disconnect but other than that she ran great and went up any obstical we tried. We did play it pretty safe because we were alone and had no one for back up if needed but we'll try again soon!

overlooking Moab on the Jeeping trail!
We also went hiking in Arches. We did the Devil's Garden Primative Loop Trail. roughly 8 miles. It was a nice day for hiking and started out with a breeze. We eneded up getting rained on with a few miles left to go so we were soaked when we finished but it was fun none the less. The primative loop is a fairly good hike. Lots of rocks and not a real steady trail. Andy did great at finding and staying on trail but when I was in the lead i got off track very easily, ha! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bowling Birthday Bash!

Kira, Andy and I went to Bentley's birthday bowling bash tonight. I can't believe she's 5 years old! Crazy how fast time flies! Bowling was a lot of fun and getting to spend time with some old friends was nice too. Kira and Andy had fun bowling. Dylan beat me by two points, not fair! He was surrounded by girls but managed to have fun or at least stay outta trouble.