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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Animal Days

Yesterday we went to Farm Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center. We didn't have Kira Last weekend so we missed baby animal days so we went this weekend. It was practially the same thing but much less crowded. It was nice. Kira went there with her mom and a friend for a little bit and then Andy and I picked her up there and went to look at all the animals together. She loves her dad. He can make her so excited to do just about anything. She got to hold some baby chicks, ducks, bunnies and pet a lot more animals. It was a fun outting.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update - Photo Overload!

Well I'm a little late updating my blog. I've been really busy lately so these new posts are going to be totally out of order! I've been procrastinating because the photographer in me wants to edit all the photos I take, which will take time. So instead I'm posting them SOOC. (Straight out of the camera). I also had a few issues the past few months and lost alot of photos which I'm totally bummed about. My external hard drive crashed. Originally I had lost ALL of my photos but i actually had a back up from Oct and previous, which means I lost all photos from Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb (Christmas, new years, mine and Andy's birthdays, Kaisley and Kade's Birthdays and all my photography sessions durring that time). Major hiccup. Well I got a new external and i'm working on retreeveing my data, no promises. Then about 2 weeks ago my computer decided to hit the road. So finally i have a new and improved laptop which is awesome and an upgraded and larger external hard drive. Crossing my fingers I have good luck the rest of the year with electronics!
Collin's birthday was back in March. Shayna did a really cute Train theme and for some reason I don't have photos of all her decortations and food. Totally surprised me because I thought I had taken some. But anyways.. here are the few photos I did manage to take (or someone with my camera took them). It was nice to have my sister and nieces/nephews in town to hang out with for a while.


We also did some 2 yr pictures for Collin's birthday... remember the Train theme I mentioned above...
While my sister was in town we did a 1 yr cake smash photo shoot of Taylie. I love this girl and it was super easy to get her to smile which NEVER happens!

Kira had a tooth pulled that was dying on her so I took a few pictures of her beautiful smile before it changed.
Easter was a such a fun day, not to mention it was beautiful outside! We were able to spend most of the day outside and we had Kira for most the day so that made it even better. We headed to my parents for lunch and had fun playing with Collin. Kira and Collin have a great time together. We missed Jaycie, Dylan, Steven and Taylie this year since they were in sunny Texas, but none the less we had a great day. Easter at my parents is always fun. My mom cooked one of my favorite meals - ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, rolls, chocolate layer dessert - YUM. Then we had an easter egg hunt and Kira and Collin both got a lot of fun toys and candy.

 Love this photo of COLLIN!

 Kira - sporting her favorite sun glasses!

We then went to Andy's sisters house for Easter with his family. Kira and Kade have a blast. They are so fun to watch. Dinner was really good - almost the same as lunch :). We then had an easter egg hunt outside with Kade and Kaisley... it started out eh, rough. Kade and Kira took off from the gate and Kade toppled down. Poor guy, but that didn't slow him down he had more eggs than Kira by the end.

Easter was a lot of fun. Glad I got to spend it with almost all of my family.
Lately I've had a lot of photo sessions lately and with Dance my spring is pretty busy! We have a lot of fun things planned this summer so I will get better at posting updates!