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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Turning 5, Kira's Birthday

This cute little girl is officially 5 years old. WOW. The time flies! This weekend was her birthday and of course it was a bang up party. We did a joint party again with her mom's side as well as a dual birthday party with our friends daughter Lexi who turned 9. Kira was spoiled, much like she often is. 4 Parents, 8 grandparents and lots of friends - She is treated so well. 

For their birthday party we headed to the Hyrum Splash Pad. We had a bounce house, snow cone machine, cotton candy, cake/ice cream and lots of fun. 

Girls Day!

A few weeks ago I helped throw a Bridal Shower for my cousin Ally. We held it at my mom's house and Shayna and I helped my mom with the party. Kira and I got to spend most of the day together that day. We did makeovers and she helped me with the Bridal shower.

First Day of Kindergarten!

Kira is in Kindergarten! I can't believe it. She seems too young but oh is she excited and I know she's ready. Andy and I met Kira's mom for back to school night and we met her Teacher and walked around the school. The next day we met Misha and Roger and we all walked Kira to her first day of Kindergarten glass. She was super excited. She is attending Bridger Elementary School. 

At Bridger, the Kindergarten classes have their own "wing" of the school. 

  She was OH SO EXCITED to show us her back pack.