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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collin Turns 1

Cake, Ice Cream and Fun... Our little Monster is turning 1! - Shayna did such a good job with Collin's birthday. It was a lot of fun, and I got some good pictures. I always take WAY too many :) like 500 at this party alone. So picking pictures to post was hard... sorry you only get a few!

Meet Taylie Carol Atkinson

My sister had Taylie on Feb 28th. I was lucky enough to do her new born pictures. So cute!


The day after thanksgiving I bought a really nice camera.. Well here's a start to what I've been doing with it. It takes getting used to editing photos. I'm not really good at it yet, but it's fun.

Playing with Collin

Well I have the cutest nephews ever. Collin is adorable. Shayna and Collin were at my house one afternoon so I grabbed my new camera and took pictures. He was helping with dishes (well throwing the clean silverware onto the floor, Grandma was mad) but it was so cute! He kept laying on my soccer pillow. He's so cute!


This season I'm really slacking in snowboarding. I've been twice is all. Here's some pictures of me and Onna.


In February, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to head to Chicago for a quick weekend. And I mean quick. Andy had been working in the area for about a week and was suppose to head back on Sunday to another 3 customers in the area. The trip he was on was for a Nuclear Facility and we anticipated only 2 days, until he got there. It ended up being far worse than they had initially told us at Hycomp. So Andy was stuck in Ottowatta a small town outside of Chicago from Sunday to Sunday working. About Thursday night I was talking to him and asked if he had to work all weekend, he said I'm not sure - Why do you want to come to Chicago? I said I was thinking about it. Well I flew out Friday at 5 and took parts with me for his next 3 trips, got to Chicago at 9 pm. He was waiting at the airport with a dozen roses (we missed valentines together). We drove to Ottowatta and got there after eating dinner around midnight. Andy worked all day saturday from 7:30 am until 10 pm so I had the entire day to myself in a new small town. Needless to say shopping wasn't that great. I did find a state park that had beautiful views of the Illinois River and some iced over waterfalls. I didn't take hiking boots so i was in my heels. It was an adventure. Sunday we headed to Chicago. Spend the day there touring around. We tried to go to the Sears Tower twice but it was a 3 hour wait, so we skipped that one. We walked a lot and got to see the "Bean" (from the movie the Vow), we went to the Museum of Industry and Science. We got some amazing popcorn. Walked to the Navy Pier. We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a quick trip but fun. It was cold there. About the same temperature as it was at home but with the wind and being next to the water it was really cold. Monday morning my flight was at 7 so Andy dropped me off at the airport, I flew home and he was off to the next customer. Here's a few pictures.