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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relay for Life Silent Auction

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! Our Relay for Life team is doing a silent auction to raise money for the american cancer society! Here is a sneak preview of only a few items...
Also - The silent auction will be online or on flyers! Check out the website listed at the bottom. (no items are posted yet but that's the web address where it will be!)

1, 2, 3 Baby Blanket - Made and Donated by Ruby Riggs

Set of 7 All Occasion Cards - Made and Donated by Jenny Bott

Rubber Ducky Baby Blanket - Made and Donated by Stacey Moss

Teal Crocheted Flower Hair Clip - Made and Donated By Ruby Riggs

Watch Face and Watch Band - Made and Donated by Stacey Moss

Other items donated include: Scentsy package, home decor items, blankets, flower head bands, doilies, scrapbook pages, more card packages, pillow cases, pampered chef items, pesticide home treatment, mary kay gift package, glitter toes and more to come!

We are still looking for more donations and sponsors! If you are interested please contact me asap! The silent auction will begin the first week of June! Stay tuned to see more great items!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance Review

Saturday was our dance review! Yay we are finally over for the year (well until summer classes start in a few weeks). I only got a few pictures as this year I was actually dancing so it was a little more hecktic! This year was Rhyhthm Connections 25th year so we brought back some of the favorite dances from the past. The most favorite was "POP" which we did back in 2001! We invited anyone who had previously taken dance to come re-learn it and perform. It was really fun! I also did college jazz and hip hop. The hip hop I learned on Monday in like half hour - SCARY!! I also did the slinky dance which was our favorite prop from past years. It was a great review despite the microphone issue! All the music worked this year! YEAH! Chesley and Stacey

Jaycie and Stacey

Cousins - Ally and Stacey

PS - Thanks to Megan, Julie, Mom, Grandma Riggs, Steph and family for supporting me and coming to the dance review!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Watch Faces

So I bought some watch faces online. I ended up buying more than what I needed so I'm trying to sell them so I don't have a TON! If you are interested they will be $8.00 (compared to $15 or $16 at BEADLES!) Let me know if you are interested!
PS - sorry the picture isn't that great! I tried a few pics and this was the best I got.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watches... UPDATED

So I originally wrote this yesterday. But last night after work I went to Beadles AGAIN and decided to do another watch band... the Purple one. I decided to just add it to this post instead of doing another one.

I have been wanting to make these watch bands since Christmas when my sister Jamee gave us girls each a watch face and band. I finally did it. I went to Beadles in logan and picked out my beads and Wha-La....

If you know me well, you know I have two pairs of bright colored shoes... Yellow and Pink. So I made watch bands to match! I'm so excited these turned out great! and the plus? I didn't even spend that much! I could have went all out and spent double what I did but I kept it low budget and I'm very excited about how they look! My next ones? Purple and a white! I'm addicted now. Uh oh, there goes all my money!

Updated... so I made the purple one as you can see. So what's next? White, brown, green... oh the colors I can name! The purple one is not as big and bulky and yes it's cheaper but it makes it fun to change up and have a good variety!

Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, my sisters and I decided to cook lunch for my parents and grandma's. This is unusual. My mom ALWAYS takes care of lunch. This year - NOPE. We decided to do Skewers. It was really good! Shayna and I went shopping for the groceries, Steph provided the meat and macaroni salad. We had both grandma's over. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the wonderful mothers we have in our family.
There was only one problem... I didn't even get a picture with my mom! :( I did manage to get pictures with both grandma's though. So mom, can we fix that sometime soon?

Steph, Shayna, Grandma Riggs, and Stacey

Stacey and Grandma Riggs

My baby - Max and I

Stacey, Dad and Grandma Hawkes

Us again!
Hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dance Comp

Saturday was yet another dance competition. This one was in Tremonton at Bear River High School. My girls did really well. Actually considering they had 1 dance to change inbetween 6 routines they did EXCELLENT! I really hope next time the directors can space our routines out a bit. Within 10 numbers the SAME class had 4 dances. 3 of which were 1 number inbetween, and all had different costumes. Can you say tiring and stressful!

They did really well! Our review is coming up in 3 weeks! May 22 at 6:00 pm at the Logan Rec Center.

Mom and me

Jaycie and I in our Costumes!