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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love my job...

I really do enjoy going to work. I love the people I work with and enjoy what I do. I figured since I spend MOST of my time at work these days, why not tell a little more about what I do.
I am the Operations Manager at Hycomp. That means I oversee 5 departments. They are: Purchasing, Traffic (Inventory and shipping/receiving), Safety, Facilities, and Human Resources.
They each have their challenges but I have great people working for me and enjoy the atmosphere. We are literally swamped right now. I have 9 job openings at the moment! WOW! Keeps me busy, on top of my already busy! But I love it. I'm very good at busy. So here are some fun pictures from work...
Freda and I getting ready to ship a project
Holly and I working hard on paperwork
My office. I decorate it different every month.
Three girls at work got me flowers!

Things I love

Here are a few things I love...
My Parents back yard. It's very relaxing to get off work and head to the back yard and enjoy the pond.
My adorable nephews. :)

Old Ephraims Grave

I'm a Cache Valley Native... and I've never been to Old Ephraims grave. Well now I have. Some friends and I went jeeping up logan canyon a week or so ago. We took dinner and stopped and ate alog the way. It was neat to finally see something I've heard so much about.


I love boating and tubing. This picture says it all! Yes that's me. I stayed on for two bumps that took me higher than that and then I was gone.... Oh boy. I don't get even I get AHEAD!