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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Scientific Experiments

Kira was given a book of Scientific Experiments for Easter from Grandma Hansen. We decided to try a few of these out this week while we had her at the house. Most of the experiments require something we didn't have at the house so we picked the only two I thought we could do (and I only took pictures of one :( )

First experiment was to make a volcano! The book says to fill a container with ice water then fill a small glass container with hot water and red food coloring.  Then cover the small container with something as you lower it into the water. Once at the bottom pull the cover and watch the volcano erupt!

Well... We did exactly as the book said and it was a flop. So we tried again and it was a flop. Andy said he thought it was because we had two vast water temperatures and if they were closer to the same temp it would be better. 3rd time we tried with a shot glass and room temp water in the big bowl and slightly warm water in the shot glass = SUCCESS! It was still sorta hard to see so we decided to try one last time. Kira wanted the volcano to be purple so we colored it with red and blue and used a smaller shot glass. Even better!

The second experiment was fun. We took the same large bowl and filled it with water. Then we took some play dough (even though the book said molding clay) and rolled it to balls and shapes. We were trying to predict if they would sink or float. Sure enough they all sank. Then we tried to make more flat shapes and dispurse the mass of the clay into more of a boat shape. The first few sank but we got the hang of it. Kira loved making them sink after they proved they could float though. It was a lot of fun for the three of us. I can't wait to do some more. Super fun things and I think she learned something new. 
(PS use molding clay if you can. Play dough and water don't mix too well. We managed to do ok but it would be better and easier clean up with molding clay.)

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