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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh Collin...

I seriously LOVE this little guy. He's so sassy, moody, yet adorably my best bud. He and Shayna came over a few weeks ago and kept me company while Andy was in Malaysia. Shayna and I scrapbooked two nights in a row and we were thrilled to start making some progress as we are both WAY behind. Then Collin got board of the movie we had on and had to sit by me and obviously needed some attention... 

This was the first night

The second night he plumbed down on my lap an hour or so in and so I pulled out my camera and we took some pictures. 

That lasted for a bit and kept his attention for awhile and he went back to playing with Max, running around and keeping himself entertained. Then he came back wanted to help. He let me tie him up and it was pretty funny, though his mom didn't like it! I had fun. Thanks for being my buddy Collin. I always have a good time when you are around. 

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