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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kira's Dance Review 2014

Kira has been a little dancer for 2 years now. I missed her review last year because I was attending my own dance review at the time. She is seriously fun to watch. Even though she isn't the star dancer out on the stage she can sure get people's attention. For instance at her review, she was the one on stage picking her nose, looking around, maybe even a little off count, yawning at one point, but boy was she cute. 
I did not take pictures so I have no proof of those BTW. 

(Being a previous dancer and teacher I tend to critique more so forgive me if that statement above and the rest of this post sounds harsh. I didn't intend it to.)

Kira was a lot better this year than last so she is learning. She still gets distracted easily, but really what 4 year old doesn't at some point? She has fun and says she loves it so that's all that matters... And she looks pretty freaking adorable in her costume, hair and makeup. Her favorite dance shoes are her tap shoes because they "sing". She told me she wants a blue costume next year, I guess she'll have to talk to her teachers about that one. 

A huge thanks to my mom, Shayna, Collin, Andy's Parents and Maria for coming to watch her with us. We appreciate your support and Kira was happy you were there. 

I had to add this one because of Collin - PHOTO bomber, 
He's starting pretty early!

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