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Monday, February 3, 2014

Andy's Big 3-0 Birthday.... what a Surprise

Last Friday was a stressful day for me. I'd been planning a surprise party for Andy for nearly a month and Friday was the day. Andy and I have been inseparable lately. We drive to work together, take lunch together, hang out together, watch movies together.... we no nearly everything together. When are we not together lately? If he's out of town or I'm on a photo shoot. Lately he's been home so I had a hard time planning this birthday party. Fortunately, his best friend Klay and my sister Shayna were a HUGE help. Shayna went grocery shopping for me and Klay cooked on the grill. Friday came and that morning at work Andy said he wasn't feeling good and wanted to know if I'd take him home - we CRAP. That would ruin everything. Luckily he got feeling better and stuck it out. For lunch he tossed me the keys and said "Your driving". Usually I say "What?" no way, but that day was perfect timing. That meant I'd have the keys for the drive home. While we were at lunch my sister stopped by my work to pick up my credit card and the cake. 5 o'clock rolled around and Andy was ready to leave. I tried to work late to prolong the drive home but we left Hycomp at 5:30. Since I was driving and I knew we needed to kill some time I told Andy I felt like buying some lottery tickets so we headed to La Tienda, then to Kohls to buy him some shoes, then to Macey's for groceries, then we had to stop and wash my jeep and then again stopping at Ridley's in Hyrum on the way home because my sister said hardly anyone was there yet. I WAS FREAKING OUT. We were on our way home and Andy hadn't said one word about why we were taking so long to get home so I assumed he had figured it out. We pulled into the house with no cars there except one truck. Andy assumed it was Megan and Adam's since I told him they were coming over. I let Andy head into the house first and he opens the kitchen door and max was there. Andy's like "Well hello Max". He then hits the lights and ... "Surprise!!" It was a great turn out! I was so excited to see so many people there. My family, Andy's family, friends and co-workers. It was a great night. I had asked my sister to help decorate with an Automotive/Jeeping theme and Wright Designs did the cake. Thanks again everyone and Happy Big 3-0 Andy. 

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