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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What a Surprise!

Today I got a very pleasant surprise at work. One of the guys out back brought in this box that said "ProFlowers" on it. He's like open it! I was seriously thinking he's got the wrong girl. Then I'm thinking, maybe Andy? But he'd just call a local florist and have them delivered. So who is this mysterious person sending me flowers? Well I thought they were flowers but I hadn't yet opened the box.. As I'm opening the box, I see a phone number on the address label that I recognized but not one I knew (I'm bad with numbers, thank goodness for cell phones). I look up the phone number and it's my brother-in-law. :) 

So I got a dozen roses and a card  - "Happy Valentine's Day - Your Favorite Brother-In-Law" 

Thanks Ray. You made my day. 

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