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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yet another busy weekend!

Whew... Glad that weekend is over!

Thursday I went to Utah State University to an awards ceremony. I was awarded the Outstanding Student Teacher award for 2008 in the Health, Physical Education, Parks and Recreation department. They held a ceremony at the HPER building. It was nice to know that all my hard work during studnet teaching not only paid off for my studnets but I was recognized by the University. My professor, Roylane Wilson, was explaining the award and why I was getting it. She said that most studnet teachers will teach 3-5 units during their student teaching, however I taught 14. Half of which I was not prepared by the University to teach and had to research on my own. I didn't realize I taught that many units but I guess I did. It was also nice to have Jason, my mom, Shayna and Jason's mom at the awards ceremony with me.

Friday I worked from 8-3 at Hycomp and went straight to the dance competition that Jan (my dance boss) runs at the rec center in Logan. I was there till about 10 pm. This was the solo, and duet competition part.
Saturday I was back to the rec center by 7:45 am and was there till 7:15 pm. LONG DAY! I didnt' get very many pictures because not only were all our dances being competed I helped in what ever way needed running to the tabulation room, helping watch doors, etc. It was stressful and I'm glad that one is over! That night we ate at Andy and Misha's and then headed to our house for some Hot tubing. The guys ended up getting in while the girls gossiped. It was fun to just sit and talk.
I hadn't posted a picture of max in a while so here he is! Our little baby.

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