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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bridal Showers...

Ok so we've all been to a brial shower, whether it was our own, a friend or a family member. I'm hosting 3 in the next month and a half and I need some fun game ideas! Come on fellow bloggers - give me some IDEAS!!


Callaways said...

OK, I've been thinking... I'm not a big shower anything person.. really I'd rather hang out and just give gifts... But the last one I went to she had a couple fun games. First she brought a big bag of napkins. They questioned the groom, and she had to answer what she thought he answered. If it was wrong we added one napkin, if she was right we added 3 napkins. the napkins could be stapled, taped, whatever over her clothes to make a wedding dress.. we got pretty creative.
here's the link to the page of pix on my blog.
Then we brought a suit case and everyone had a bag with a gift for the honeymoon.. each bag had the first letter of the word on it, and the back was what was in it for us to know. we had to try to get her to guess what was in it with one sentence or one word. if she got it right, she got to take it. there was like bubble bath, and lotion, and sunscreen, sunglasses... cause they went tropical.... we also had a jar with some pieces of paper at the front. people filled out knowledge or advise for them.and that right there is all my wisdom.

The Jensen Family said...

So hopefully this will make sense in a blog. But for my sister-in-law we got big poster paper and as people walked in we told them they had to trace their hand on the paper (just bend over, try not to bend your legs). As they did this we wrote down all their comments without them knowing; they are soo funny. You will hear things like; I can't bend like that, I'm out of shape, don't look at my butt, etc. Then after everyone did it we would tell the bride here are some comments you will make on your wedding night! It is really funny. Good luck with all your showers, you will have to take pics.