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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sunday I was able to babysit by best friends ADORABLE little girl Bentley! Alexis was in Florida (very jealous) for about a week with her family and they left the little ones home. I was in St. George for most of that time so Megan was babysitting the majority of the time. I figured since I was home I'd give Megan a break!
Bentley is so happy and loves to play! Max did very well with her, actually he had too much fun with her and wouldn't leave her alone. She was a great sport though and kept trying to pet him. Max just wanted to give kisses and Bent wasn't sure about that. Jason even enjoyed playing with her and keeping her entertained! She was a lot of fun!

Stealing Jason's Hat
Jason and Bent Playing
Stacey and Bentley
She's so cute!
She wore Max out!
Max loves giving kisses
Bent on the way to Lunch with Megan

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Rachel said...

She is so stinkin cute, how fun!! I love that picture of you and her. I actually ran into Alexis a few weeks ago when i was up in Logan. Bentley looks just like her mommy :)