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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Weekend...

This weekend went by way to fast! Here's a quick run down of my weekend

Friday - I went to lunch with two of my friends from Elementry school. It was SO good to get together! We were best friends in elementry school! Trissy lived a few blocks away and Laura lived across the street and down 2 houses. Laura and I went to high school together while Trissy went to Logan. We have stayed friends and kept in touch throughout the years and I miss these girls so much! Laura just had her first baby boy - he's adorable! Trissy just had her 3rd! She has a little girl, and then two boys! They are both amazing moms and I look up to them so much! I hope someday I'll be as good of mom as they are!

Friday night my dance girls performed at the Logan Hi-Lo Review and then Jason and I went to Cafe Sabor to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

Saturday - I got up early and was at USU at 7:30 for our dance competition. I was there till 12:30. Then I headed down to Maddox to go to lunch for my Grandma's 76th birthday! After lunch I headed back up to USU for more dancing! My girls did performed awesome! I'm so proud of them! I left USU at about 8:30 pm. It made for a long day of dancing! Saturday night we BBQed at Andy and Misha's and hung out with our friends.

Sunday - We've been lazy and enjoyed the warmth of our house since it's snowed! We are both hoping for summer so we can go boating! SNOW SNOW GO AWAY!

Trissy, Stacey and Laura

Dance Teachers - Jackie, Jan and Stacey

Dance Teachers - Stacey, Kylie and Shayna


Rachel said...

Happy 5 year anniversary!! Me and chase's 5 year is in a few months. All that dancing sounds so fun...i miss it!!

Ash & Tim said...

Definitely sounds like a busy weekend but like lots of fun!

Britnie said...

Yea, I'm 15 weeks right now. I'm due September 21st! Hopefully from now on everything will go well with the pregnancy. Happy late anniversary! Time flies by so fast! It seems like your wedding wasn't that long ago!

Callaways said...

so fun!! I remember the dance days, and i miss them a lot!! what a cute Jaycie!!! and i don't think either of you should be sporting such a great tan until at LEAST June!!!

Callaways said...

oh I forgot... if you go into your template, and change it to a minima one, it should center your blog!

Hess Family said...

I love the picture of you and Texie! By the way you look really good! I am assuming you have lost weight but whatever it is you look great!