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Monday, April 13, 2009

Testing the Boat

Friday we decided to take the boat to Hyrum dam and test it out, making sure it was working correctly and that nothing needed fixed. Surely enough it ran... took a minute to start after a long cold winter but she works! She overheated a bit (weird, considering how cold it was) so she might just need an oil change. We were freezing but it was warmer this year than when we went out last year. We were also told that there's already been wakeboarding on Hyrum this year, nope it wasn't us either! Dang, last year we were the first. This year we got beat! I'm not bummed about it but I'm sure our boys are.

Klay - playing DJ as usual
Andy and Klay enjoying the ride Klay had to get in the water to go get the truck... there's no dock hooked up yet
Captian Jason
The girls freezing!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I can't wait for boating this summer, especially cause i won't be pregnant :) Chase went out wakeboarding really early a couple years ago...all you need is a wetsuit and your set!