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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Megan and Clarence's Wedding

Warning Picture overload! Yesterday was my best friends wedding! I'm so happy for Megan and Clarence! Friday was the dinner so the 1st

picture is from that. Saturday was the wedding. We did a rehersal at 9:30 and stayed at the Marriot to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was at the Riverwoods - The new Marriot. It was beautiful. Best Friends - Alexis, Megan and Stacey
The cake - Made by Karen and Alexis Hess

Trevor and Stacey walking down the aisle

Jake and Megan walking the aisle
Megan and Clarence at the Altar

Stacey and Alexis

Jason, Stacey, Mary and Todd (yes my eyes are closed :( )

Cutting the Cake

My best friend!

The three of us!

Bridesmaids just chillin

The wedding party

Wedding party again

Me and my wonderful hubby who helped babysit Bentley all day!

The bride and bridesmaids


Bride and Groom

Jason got bentley to take a nap!

Me and Jason again

Stacey, Megan, Clarence and Jason!


Suz said...

I love that she had Jake walk her down the aisle. What a good brother. She looks beautiful!

Ash & Tim said...

The wedding looks gorgeous. What a beautiful day! Love all the pictures...congrats Meg!

Callaways said...

so cute!! You all look so good... what a great color.

Stephanie said...

Very beautiful! Wish I could have been there! Had my wisdom teeth out and I was miserable, swollen and STARVING! You look great Stacey!

jhjonze said...

She looks so beautiful! I'm so happy for her.

Rachel said...

Ahhh i'm so happy for her, congrats Megan!! What a beautiful bride. Love the picture of you, Megan and guys look awesome!