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Monday, June 1, 2009

What a weekend!

What a great weekend - but busy!

It started off Friday Night... We went boating at Hyrum. I managed to get thrown in the lake in my sundress, can I just say FREEZING! No pictures of that sorry!

Then saturday I threw a Bridal Shower for my sister-in-law down in bountiful at Grandma's house. It turned out really good and she got a lot of fun kitchen stuff!

Stacey, Mandy and Mom

Then saturday night my dance girls and I performed at the Logan Stampede Half Time at Logan High. The game got stopped because of the lightening so we didn't perform until almost 9, it was alot of fun and they did great!

College girls - Jessica, Kym, Shayna, Sarah and Stacey
Company class - These girls are awesome!
After we performed, Jason and I went bowing with our friends. I got a strike on the 9th frame and then on the 10th frame i got 2 strikes in a row! It was awesome. I won with a score of 145!
The girls - Misha, Megan, Stacey and Alexis
Sunday we went boating again. Much better weather this time! Jason, Andy and I wakeboarded. I'm still learning to jump but for the most part i'm getting it. And the water was actually much warmer than i remember from Friday - maybe because I actually wanted to get in??
That's me
Again... Me

Andy's back flip!

Andy - Look at that air!

Jason and I hangin in the boat

Jason in the water getting ready

Jason - Again nice air!


Rachel said...

The picture of you and your sister is so cute!
Looks like you had fun boating, i can't wait to get out myself. That back flip picture is awesome!! That's cool that you're learning to jump. I am far from that, i just hope i can get up since it's been awhile :)

Brady & Shayna said...

stac.. again, i need that pic of us at dance........... what is wrong with me