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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dan and Mandy Durham...

Dan and Mandy were married on June 13th. It was an exciting day! Rained a little that morning, then cleared up while they were in the temple. There was a luncheon at a park in smithfield then we headed to my inlaws for pictures and the reception. We got started on pictures and by 5:15 it was a down pour! We hurried and moved the entire reception to the church and had it set up again by 5:45 - the reception started at 6! It turned out really well! Sorry the pictures are in no real order - takes too long to do that, but ENJOY! And congrats to the happy new couple!

Brownies, Ice Cream and toppings!

The original Moss Family - Mom, Mandy, Jason and Dad

Dan and Mandy

Bridesmaids, mandy and the kids (Notice i'm the only one without kids :( )

The cake

The wedding party

Molly, Holly, Mandy, Stacey and Lisa
Stacey, Mandy and Jason

The Moss Family

Mandy and Stacey

The very hansom Moss Boys - Steve, Brandon, Toby, Rick, Josh and Jason

At the temple

The family

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