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Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

My hubby is 27 today! He may be nearing 30 but man is he a kid! So for Jason's birthday he loves getting money cause he knows he can buy exactly what he wants. (I can't blame him). I typically love getting clothes and jason hates it! So before I left for work I made a bunch of clues and left around the house for Jason to find his "gfit" of money - he doesn't know that's what I'm giving him. So when he gets home he'll find a fun note on the counter with his first clue and many more after that he'll have his CASH! ha ha I love Jason so much and I'm so thankful he's my husband! Happy Birthday hun! Tonight we are BBQing and doing our own firework show - it's tradition!
4th of July weekend.... Our weekend consisted of workin in my parents yard (yes all 3 days) to help get ready for my sisters wedding. It's the 1st 4th of july since I was engaged that we didn't go camping with our friends :( but I think my parents really needed it and we owe a lot to my dad for all the help he's done on our house. As for fun we did manage to sqeeze a little boating in on friday night, fireworks friday, cabin and fire fun on saturday and workin in my own yard sunday night. Not to mention I got to go shopping with my mom for a little bit and pick out beautiful flowers for her yard and some nice clothes! Although while we were at my parents house Max had a BLAST running around and playing with Quincy. Overall I got a great tan this weekend and I'm glad I got to help my parents out. If I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing! My parents do a lot for Jason and I and I'm glad to help them out.
PS - I didn't even get my camera out this weekend so no new pictures to post. I'll work on that!

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Callaways said...

what a spoiled boy!! Thanks for telling steph I asked about her. She called me I missed it, I called her she missed it... one of these days.. I still say keeping up on a blog is better than nothing!!!