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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shayna's Bridal Shower

I know 3 posts in 1 night is pushing it - but i've been busy and kinda slacking lately. I still have more pictures to post but I'll wait for another day. My goal is to keep up on posting!

My aunt and cousins threw shayna a family bridal shower and we had a blast! We did the old fashioned making the bride wear all the bows, etc. It was great.

My two cute nieces. Ashlynn (in the yellow) is 2 weeks younger than Jacyie (green/blue)

My beautiful sisters! Steph, Shayna, Jamee and Stacey
Steph is pregnant by the way - 4 months along! YAY

Shayna opening gifts and me decorating her

My gift - Pampered chef pizza stone! Love them

My little sis all grown up and is getting married!

My cousing Nicole who lives in Chicago was here for the shower


Rachel said...

That pizza stone looks fun, i love Pampered Chef stuff. The pictures of you and your sister are so cute. I really like your new haircut too!
I love the bright colors at that wedding below. So fun to do for a summer wedding. Plus i like your pink shoes, so cute :)

Brady & Shayna said...

stac....... do i suck at taking pics.. i swear i dont have ANY