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Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We had Kira this weekend and since Andy has been out of town it had been 2 weeks since we'd seen her. It was nice to spend some Quality Time with her. We even took some Easter Pictures of her and Collin since I had my Easter Mini Set up ready in the studio. Oh boy was she excited. Usually she is a little stinker, Collin too. I saw a few forced and fake smiles but overall she was excited to do pictures and then wanted to do more when my two sessions came this weekend. She was a bit help while my Clients were there and tried to get the babies to smile and laugh. She really loves kids. 

We also went "CAMPING". Kira was ecstatic to go camping with Collin. She was thrilled and that's all she could talk about was camping. Kira and Collin had a blast playing in the dirt, going on walks with Chris, playing Indians, playing in the camp trailer and more. When we didn't stay over night she was disappointed. We'll be planning a camping trip with her this summer, that's for sure. 

We got to spend a few hours just the two of us on Sunday and decided to make treats. We made these fun Easter Basket treats and they sure turned out yummy. 

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