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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being Productive!

Andy was away for almost 2 weeks for work in Hawaii and Korea, jealous much? Yeah I was at first until you hear that he doesn't get much if any time to do any sight seeing or time away from work. Blah. Korea would be awesome though  - I REALLY want to go back with him on the next round in a few months! Maybe my Tax Return can pay for that :) 

So. Anywho. While he's away I've actually got A LOT done. Proves being alone can make you work around the house. :) 

Finished painting the basement living room and kitchen. Then hung the shot glass shelf back up on the wall!

Re-Organized my Studio! I'm amazed at how much more space I have with moving my desk. Now, I need a couch... hum. 

Closet doors hung in the hallway downstairs, ok , it wasn't me. Thanks DAD!

Being in Relay for 5 years and on the committee for 3 has made me collect a Lot of relay stuff. Relay of Cache County has an official trailer now so I cleaned out the garage and took 4 boxes of stuff to Steph's house to store... the bad news? There's more in the downstairs closet that I need to get out once Maria (Andy's sister) moves out. I didn't want to inconvenience her because I'll have to empty the entire closet out to get to the boxes. Yikes! So While I was cleaning up Relay stuff I also organized the entire garage and swept even!

Then last night I got to hang out with this little stud. He's "MY COLLIN" and I sure do love having him over! 

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