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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Warning - this post is mainly for myself to track my goals, keep reading if you want.

Well with the new year comes resolutions, right? I haven't thought too much about resolutions until tonight and it's officially the first of January. Andy and I talked a little about resolutions last night but didn't really come up with any, we just weren't sure what we wanted to try to accomplish this year. So after the first day of 2014 I've come up with a list for myself. I'm putting them on my blog because it makes me own up to them without blasting them over Facebook or instagram so this post is really only for myself but your welcome to keep reading and see to it that I keep my resolutions for 2014.

New Years Resolutions 2014

  1. Take more photos of my personal life. My goal is to post a photo a week of myself, Andy, Kira, Family or Friends. Documenting my life is just as important as helping others to document theirs and lately I've been lacking. I typically hit major events like trips and holidays but this year I even missed Christmas. Must get better!
  2. Loose weight - cliche I know. But it's valid and I need to. I lost 40 lbs about 5 years ago, I can do it again. 
  3. Take my pills - Personal kinda but I need to own up to it. I used to take my thyroid medication religiously for 16 years. Somewhere along the way I've deviated and it's been about 2 years or more since I've kept up on my pills for more than a month. This year that WILL BE DIFFERENT! 
  4. Do something fun for Andy on every service trip he goes on. I literally just said goodbye to him for the first time this year and I snuck a photo of the three of us in his luggage with a note on the back. I'd like to sneak him a quick surprise on each trip or do something at home for him. I can't imagine traveling that much. It typically sounds like a nice job until you live with someone that travels that much or have to do it yourself. It really wears on a person. I'm hoping to help that guy out just a little buy bringing part of his home life with him or making it easier for him to come home and have less to do here. 
  5. Find more time for myself. I know it sounds like I have a lot of time to myself with Andy gone but the truth is when I'm not working at Hycomp there's a VERY good chance I'm taking photos or editing photos. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy both of my jobs (and I used to teach dance too) but sometimes I get caught up in doing so much for others and keeping myself busy that I loose track of doing something for myself. I think this one will help me make time for the gym, reading a good book (I did get the book series I wanted from Andy and Angela for Christmas!), catching up with old friends, making new friends, visiting my sister in Texas, playing with Collin and Shayna more, spending more lunch dates with my mom, helping my dad out on projects, playing make overs with Kira, Snowmobiling with Andy and even getting more sleep. 
  6. Soda Limitations - This one is going to be HARD! Keep my soda intake to ONE soda a day or less. Oh man, just saying makes me cringe. There are days at work I drink two or three Mt Dews. Yikes I'm in for a major overhaul on this one. I can do it, I can do it. A while back I had a resolution of no carbonated drinks and I stuck to it the entire year. This is much easier and obtainable... I think I can I think I can. 
Well 6 isn't too bad. I'm sure there are others I should write down but that's all this blog is going to get. I have a few others but they are even more personal then those listed above. Hopefully if you are still reading this you too have set your new years resolutions. We can do this. Resolutions are meant to be broken, I mean Kept. They are meant to be KEPT! and writing them down makes you far more likely to keep them than if you just say them out loud or keep them in your head. 

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