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Friday, January 17, 2014

My Loves

I just love my nieces and nephews. They make me smile to no end and their capacity for love, cuddling, being spontaneous and fun is amazing. Sure they have their days when they are a pill and I get to send them back to mom and dad but I just love those moments when they are my best friend. Last night was one of those nights. Shayna, Brady and Collin came over for dinner and to hang out. Collin and I played ping pong for a little bit, and yes we actually played. Most of the time it was a one hit by Collin and Shayna or I would go locate the ball and we'd start over but a few times we actually had a good round of back and forth hits. It was a blast... and he's TWO! I was shocked. Then the tree of us joined Andy and Brady for some mortal combat on the PS3. I sat in the corner of our couch and Collin sat right next to me the entire time. He'd lean up against me, cuddle me, hold my hand, oh he was so cute. Much to my dismay they had to leave to go to bed. I love spoiling my loves and I can't wait for my older sister to have another one this summer! Ah ecstatic, boy or girl we aren't sure, but I'll love them just the same. 

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