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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pretty Pretty Princess turns 4!

Kira has turned four! It was a grand event! Kira's dad and mom decided to do a joint party this year. It was lot of fun and the kids loved it. Misha planned a bunch of fun activities for boys and girls. Andy and I brought the Cakes, ice cream, did invitations and the shields/swords (compliments of Andy's best friend). Misha did the rest. It was lot of fun. Kira is one spoiled little princess. 

Dressing up as knights, princesses and decorating their shields, swords and crowns.

Jumping the Mote - it got bigger each time and they had to jump farther.

They did a matching game and got to find all the characters in their assigned movie and then got to color them.

All the kids

The dragon needed slayed even!

Kira and Collin - He sure loves her.

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