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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home ... for 1

Well we've lived in our house for a month! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Time flies so fast when you aren't paying attention. We've made some great improvements already! The bedroom is painted, flowers are hung up and more are planted, the shop floor is epoxy painted and we have plans for more to come. We've purchased some new furniture and items to fill this bigger house: new bedroom set, couch and love seat, new dishes and cups, storage system for the garage, but we've also been able to combine all of our own furniture and items from two houses into one. We (well mostly me) have room to put everything I own. My house in Nibley was full of furniture, decorations , scrapbook stuff and more... plus when I lived at my mom's I had TONS of room to keep collecting as I like to call it. Andy has room for all of his tools, projects, and equipment in his own backyard. He can work on projects at home We are loving this place.

Technically we've been in for 34 days. Of those 34 days I've been here alone for 20 days. :( kinda sad when you think about it. Having a great home is one thing but having someone here to share it with is something even more important. Here's to hoping Andy gets to be home to enjoy this new house more and I guess I get lucky enough to see him more. I sure know Kira would love to see her daddy more.

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