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Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Dinner Fun

Andy and I had my parents, sister and her kids over for dinner yesterday. My mom has been cooking family dinner every sunday so we decided to take a turn. I made my signature pasta and pull apart bread and a simple green salad. It was delicious... but watching Steven play with a snake took the night. Andy's house is known as a swampy area and we have a TON of snakes. I have almost stepped on them without shoes and I freak out. I HATE SNAKES. Well Andy and Steven were playing out side and they found a snake. Andy put it in one of the flower pots and then Steven played with it. He'd let it go on the grass and chase it around until he caught it again. It was cute to watch but pretty gross! Once Kira came over we played outside some more and then the kids headed inside to watch a movie while the adults relaxed on the deck.  It was a wonderful evening.

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