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Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Weekend!

Andy, Kira and I had a blast this past weekend. We had quite the eventful Saturday and Sunday!
Kira and I were in the USU Homecoming Parade Saturday morning (watch for seperate post on that). After the parade we went to Angies and got some food then headed home to do some work on the house. We were able to borrow a tractor from a friend that made doing yard work so much easier! Now Andy's all jealous and thinking he needs a tractor!
First we moved Kira's play house to the corner of the yard. It was tricky to move and it didn't quite make it facing the direction we wanted but it will work. It started breaking so we eneded up leaving it where we got it, which is where we wanted it just not facing the direction we wanted. We'll make due though. We plan on re painting, fixing the railing, adding new carpet and drapes and fixing it up for Kira. She loves to play in it.

Kira also got to help on the tractor... notice her Barbie... Barbies and Tractors what better can it get?

We also finished digging out our pond. Andy and I have been slowly digging this for about 2 months. The ground is really rocky so it's been rough. The tractor dug it in no time and it's deeper than we would have gone by hand but it will be awesome!

After moving dirt and sand around the back yard on Saturday and most of the day sunday we were ready to start the patio and fire pit area. You can see in the back of the photo where a gravel parking space will be (for the boat and Snowmobile Trailer). The fire pit will be awesome! We got the fire pit from a neighbor by my parents and my dad gave us the cement circles. It's not done but it's getting there!
 Andy taking a break!

Here's our last project... The deck. It used to look way different. I wish I would have taken a before picture. It wasn't enclosed and the railing was really wobbly and unstable. Andy and I (well mostly Andy) built the half walls, stained the deck, added lights, I did the flowers, and we added the tiki torches. It looks so good at night. We borred a patio set to get us by for now but next summer we'll have a new set. It's a very relaxing area.
 During all of Andy's hard work with the Tractor we decided to pull the sprinkler out and play. Kira and I had alot of fun... mostly Kira and me taking pictures. Then Andy joined in. Kira even dragged Max through the sprinkler. The first picture is classic. She kept closing her eyes when we ran through it!

Saturday night we headed to Crystal Hot Springs to relax. Andy, Kira, Stacey, Megan and a friend. It was very relaxing and a great night out.

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