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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wasatch Back - Ragnar Relay

I think I'm officially crazy. Last year my work did a relay team for the Ragnar Relay that goes from Logan to Park City. This year my boss is again putting a team together and yes I signed up. Ouch. The relay is a 187.9 mile race that is ran by a team. We will have 12 runners, who each run 3 legs of the course. The total miles each person runs ranges from 12.4 miles to 18.4 miles. The legs are broken up into various distances and terrain. I don't know yet which runner I am but I'm crossing my fingers I'm not runner 11 who has to run 3.8 miles on Very Hard terrian, 7.3 miles on Hard, and 7.3 on Very Hard. I also prefer not to be runner 6 who also has a tough one of 6.9 Very Hard, 8.1 Very Hard and 3.1 Easy.
The race is 24 hours straight. The team of 12 runners is split into two vans. Van #1 runs their legs and then rests while van #2 runs and they switch off like that until the race is complete. Being cramed in the van with 6 other people will be a delight I'm sure. Plus the little to no sleep? Ugh.
Training started this week and so far I'm doing ok. If you know me you know I'm NOT a RUNNER. I've NEVER been a runner. So this is a great personal challenge for me. I'm excited to do it, although I heard many grueling stories last year. I just want to finish my 3 legs and not have to have someone else step in for me. Even if that means I have to walk part of it. At least I can say I did it. I know it will be a great experience and fun time with my co-workers and friends/family of them.

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Larsons said...

i wish i would have done it! it just wasn't in the cards for me this time.. maybe next year :) hah! good luck though.. i'll cheer you on

Mandy said...

Good Luck! I'm rooting for you! I've been asked to do this race a couple of times but I've never said yes. Maybe next year i'll do it, because you've kind of motivated me now. You'll have to let me know how it goes.

Mandy said...

Oh, I forgot to say if you ever need a running partner let me know...I need to get back into shape!

Larsons said...

stac.. lets go ice fishing with brady one time :) its fun.. and i bet its even better now that he has a hut! ;) and a heater!