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Monday, February 1, 2010


This year there are a few of us at work that absolutly live for snowboarding (Matt, Tim and I for sure). We have gone twice so far. They went a few times with out me. I also went snowmobiling with Andy, Chris and Matt from work. I need to get some more riding in, especially now that we have some great snow! Aren't winter sports so fun?
Me and Megan Snowmobiling (look close, that's north shore of bear lake in the back ground)
Me, Chris and Matt (snowmobiling)

Snowboarding 1.30.10

Roger, Kyle, Matt and Stacey 1.30.10 (we all work together)

Kyle and Stacey 1.30.10

Stacey, Tim, Andy and Matt 12.17.09 (we all work together)

Andy in the air, Tim on the ground

Danielle and Stacey (she's one of my dance students)

The guys - Andy, Matt and Tim. Matt's face is classic

Stacey and Andy

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