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Friday, February 26, 2010


Our house is officially sold and we have to be moved out by Sunday night (hopefully we're out by tomorrow night so the buyers can have sunday to move in).

We closed yesterday and signed papers. No more mortgage! I'm happy but also extreemly sad at the same time. I love my house. I'm really really going to miss it. I have almost all of my stuff moved out and Jason has been moving a lot of his as well. Tomorrow will be the finishing hauls and then cleaning it. Oh how this house means so much to me. From all the memories I'll take with me and all the dreams I had to do with it. My beautiful bleeding heart in the front yard I'll truley miss. The hard work Jason, My dad and I put into laying tile. My dad's amazing handy craft work on pouring cemement for the hot tub. All the repairs we just did that we wont get to enjoy. Oh tomorrow will be a happy day and very sad at the same time.

Check out the virtual tour before they delete it!

A huge thank-you to our relator Dennis Parry of Coldwell Banker, Gold Key Realty. I've known Dennis for a really long time. His family lived across the street from us in River Heights while I was growing up. I played over at their house ALL the time with Ally. With his help we sold the house in just 5 DAYS! Can you believe it? With the market today that was amazing! We didn't make money, we actually had to pay a little cash at closing but with the quick sell and not having to pay the mortgage for longer it was definalty worth it! I know we would have made money if we hadn't used a relator but not having to show the house, deal with paperwork, trying to market it and what not I loved having a relator. The process was SO easy! Dennis was great to work with and I'd recommend him and Debby to anyone!

Good-bye house, I'll Miss you!


Larsons said...

good job! yes we will go get it. i keep telling brady and he just forgets! hah! so i'll tell him again! but as far as the stuff i'm selling, SPREAD THE WORD! hah!

Mandy said...

I will miss that house too! It was sad watching the virtual tour and remembering all the memories!

Alli Parry said...

hey look thats me!!! my parents are pretty great at what they do. and they are honest! which is hard to come by these days. your house looks so cute. but i bet its such a stress reliever that its gone and done with