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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Good Book

I got talked into reading the Da Vinci Code by many people, and surprisingly I loved it! I'm not typically a reader so when I started this I thought, Oh man - I'll prob never finish. But I have only about 20 pages left I'll finish tonight and then I'm staring Angels and Demons. And after that The Lost Symbol. I guess I am a reader. When you don't watch TV and don't do much but sit home, reading sure helps fill the time! And max loves to cuddle while I read - it's so special! :)

PS: That's my 3rd book since the beginning of January, and they weren't short books either. Twilight, The Host and this book The Da Vinci code!


Mandy said...

I loved this book too! If your're into reading I suggest the John Grisham books. I'm hooked on them, but unfortunately I haven't had much time to read since the semester started.

Larsons said...

stac.. you can come get the angels and demons from me.. :)