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Friday, July 11, 2008

Are people looking . . .

Well I've been kinda skeptical about this whole blogging thing. I love reading other people's blogs and seeing pictures! It's fun to see what my old high school friends or my dance girls families are up to, but I wondered if I was only posting for myself or if any one was looking. And since I don't get a whole lot of comments I was even more skeptical. So a few days ago I put up a visitor counter... and to my suprise it looks like alot (well alot to me) of people are stopping by! I was excited! Now I feel like I have a reason to keep posting on here, even if it is about Boating since that's about the extent to my life and my puppy, Max, of course. Who by the way is getting so big! He has learned to sit, lay and stay! So fun... although if he's really hyper he doesn't do any of them very well.

Well I hope everyone out there is enjoying their summer! It's about half way over... which means school starts in like a month and a half! Student Teaching here I come - what's even better is that I'll graduate in about 5 months! YAY! I'm oh so very excited!


tyson and ashley said...

Hey Stacey! I look at your blog often so keep the posts coming! It is fun to see what everyones up to these days! Thats awesome you graduate in 5 months! I'm excited for you! My pregnancy's going good! We find out in 3 weeks what we are having! Yay! Any kids any time soon for you and Jason?

Beth said...

Hey Stace - I check out your blog. It's fun to see what your up too! Since we talk to often...what do we live a whole 5 miles away! hahahaha, keep it up, I enjoy it and I think Jen started hers in part because of you! Beth